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Inner bag set [For Pfizer vaccine] [Moderna Takeda vaccine (Novavacs)] Compatible with Omicron strain vaccine

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2 inner bags
Vial holder (Pfizer) x 1
Vial Holder (Moderna, Takeda Takeda Vaccine ) (Novabacks) compatible) x 1 piece
[inner bag]
External dimensions: L225 x W165 x H70mm
Internal dimensions: L208 x W149 x H59mm
Weight: 130g
Material: Aluminum film, polyethylene foam
[Vial holder]
Dimensions: L204 x W145 x H56mm
Number of vials that can be stored (Pfizer): φ16.5mm x 50 holes
Number of vials that can be stored (Moderna Novavax): φ24mm x 30 holes
Weight: 60g
Material: PP, sponge
・Set product of inner bag and vial holder with high versatility
・ Can be stored in the aluminum inner box of the cooling bag procured by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (verified by multiple local governments)
・Ideal for storing vaccines in refrigerators and freezers
・Anti-vibration structure that firmly protects the vial by using a cushion material that is resistant to vibration.
・With handle for easy carrying
・Highly cushioned material reduces vibration during transportation


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