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[Moderna, compatible with -15℃ or lower, compact type] J-BOX BIO MISSION II Cooling box for SMART vaccine Compatible with Omicron strain vaccine

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・Compact size ideal for routine vaccination
・Maintain temperature for 12 hours with 3 ice packs
・Environmentally friendly CFC-free insulation material is used.
・Sturdy structure that can withstand frequent use
・1 set of inner bag and vial holder (Moderna) included
・ Supports form management with 2 outer pockets and 1 inner pocket
・Body material: CFC-free XPS
・Body size (mm);
External dimensions: L350 × W290 × H265
Inside dimensions: L235 × W175 × H155
・ Body weight/volume: about 2.6kg, about 6L
Inner bag x 1
Vial holder x 1
Refrigerant (-25°C melting point) x 3 sheets
Shoulder belt x 1
・Accessory size (mm):
Inner bag: L225 x W165 x H70
Vial holder: L204 x 145 x H56, D24 x 30 hole
Coolant ( -25°C melting point): 225x155x25 , Weight: 730g


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